A Balanced Meal – With a Dash of Innovation

A Balanced Meal – With a Dash of Innovation

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A Balanced Meal – With a Dash of Innovation


Every year people make out their Thanksgiving menus – and every year they look pretty much the same. Sure, we get innovative every once in a while. For example, one year I tried to shake it up by making peas and creamed onions.

There were no takers.

Seems my family was like that of @joycevdb, who tells us, “My relatives still make the original green bean casserole recipe every holiday dinner!”

Still, some of our Twitter followers are bravely venturing out – @thecatcancook is making cranberry sauce instead of opening a can. In fact, here’s a recipe we like for Homestyle Cranberry Sauce, or perhaps this Holiday Cranberry Salad.

Then there is @nofearentertain, who is experimenting to come up with what she calls a ‘non-marshmallow sweet potato recipe.’ Her inspiration is a Twice Baked Sweet Potato Casserole with Crispy Bacon (pictured below). Sounds perfect for an indulgent holiday feast, doesn’t it?

Others make changes, not out of boredom, but out of necessity. @JennaPet tells us, ‘My son can’t have dairy so green bean casserole is out.’ Instead, she is wrapping his favorite, asparagus spears, in proscuitto, adding just a pinch of sea salt, and broiling them for the Thanksgiving spread.

And, @ekroche is really changing the game, saying, ‘I plan on making a blue corn-chorizo stuffing to change up the usual.’

While we completely understand that part of the holiday tradition is having the same wonderful things on the table year after year, we still commend those who want to try new things. It may be you are introducing more vegetables to your family. Or an organic food has caught your fancy and you’ve created something new and delightful. Or, like @thecatcancook, you are stepping out and doing something ‘from scratch’ instead of buying ready made.

Or perhaps you are like one of our site users, Sharra, who is making her first Thanksgiving meal for the in-laws and wants ‘to do something traditional with a twist. For example, serve a pumpkin creme brulee instead of pumpkin pie.‘

Oh, and if you want to shake up the green been casserole, check out @aharcharek for her post on the old standard.

Anyone else with new takes on the old classics, let us know and we’ll pass them on to Sharra – and to anyone else who is looking for new inspiration for a classic dinner.

In the meantime, here’s to innovation, mixed heavily with tradition. May your menu find the perfect balance.


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