A Perfect Little Passover Dessert

A Perfect Little Passover Dessert

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A Perfect Little Passover Dessert


Some people fret over foods that can’t be eaten during Passover, but, really, there are many, many delicious foods that are permitted, from steak & potatoes, to roast chicken, to eggs and tuna salad. And all fresh fruit can be enjoyed during the holidays.

We have a sweet suggestion for your Seder dessert, or for anytime during Passover.

Meringue Tarts with Lemon Cream & Fresh Strawberries.

These delicate confections somehow manage to be both light and luscious simultaneously. Flourless yet fabulous.

Strawberries are at peak season right now and they are the finishing touch that makes this recipe a standout. We hope you’ll try these lightly sweet tarts and let us know what you think of them.

For more ideas to create a complete and authentic Passover meal, you may wish to tune in to JewishTVNetwork.com. You can choose your favorite Passover dishes by category—appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and view instructional webisodes featuring host Teresa Strausser and Chef Jeff Nathan.


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