The Plight of the Honeybee

The Plight of the Honeybee

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The Plight of the Honeybee


By Cari Martens

There is a lot of buzz going on about the plight of the honeybee, and Haagen-Dazs is stepping up to try to do something about it. They’ve created a dedicated website,, to educate and inform. Facts such as “honeybees are responsible for pollenating one-third of the foods we eat” can already be found on the site, and stay tuned for them to post a downloadable lesson plan that will help teach others about the situation. Of course, there is also a new ice cream called Vanilla Honey Bee, plus a listing of a dozen varieties of Haagen-Dazs that have honey as an ingredient. Save the bees, indeed!

You can donate money, buy a t-shirt, find out which flowers you can plant to help out, and even make an animated honeybee to bee-mail to friends. It’s all part of Giving Back in a way that we think bee-comes the company.

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