A Taste of What's New - Day 2

A Taste of What's New - Day 2

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A Taste of What's New - Day 2


This week The Food Channel is covering the Fancy Food Show in New York City, an event that attracts thousands of specialty food retailers, plus chefs, restaurateurs, supermarket buyers, deli owners, gift store buyers, caterers. Here’s a quick look at the goings-on of Day 2.

Take a walk with us down the foodie aisles of the Javits Center.

(Click on the red type for a photo tour of Fancy Foods Show Day 1.)

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. We continued to see new flavors hitting old standards; for example, an orange olive oil, not to mention the lemon and the white truffle.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Organic continued to be big, with an entire floor devoted to the cause. The Iced Matcha Tea (green tea) was one of the more refreshing drinks we sampled, but attendees had their choice of organic cherry juice or vanilla soy milk if they preferred. Yes, we tried them all!

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Still in the organics, the granolas and trail mixes were at their peak, many with cranberries and other anti-oxidants.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Luxury items have gone organic, too, with this caviar. This one was worth a second stop.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. We’ve been covering energy products for a while now, but you can still expect to see more from us on this product – the flavor and portability makes it something special, not to mention those two little words: weight loss.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. And, at the end of the day, it was all turned over to the Food Donation Team, picking up what remained from the floor samples to donate to City Harvest, New York City’s leading anti-hunger agency.


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