Hot Item from the Fancy Food Show

Hot Item from the Fancy Food Show

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Hot Item from the Fancy Food Show


One of the hot items we found at the Food Show this week was citrus oil. Whereas at previous shows olive oils have been an interesting item, never before have we seen so many variations of oil using orange or lemon. Here’s a quick feature on one of them:

In 1984, Boyajian Inc. founder, John Boyajian, developed his first citrus oil, Boyajian Pure Orange Oil. His Armenian grandparents taught him that oil from the rind of citrus fruit added a unique, intense flavor to cakes, cookies, confections and even ice cream. He knew that serious cooks would welcome such a product.

What is it? Boyajian citrus oils are created by cold pressing the oil from the rind of fresh citrus fruit.
Approximately 220 oranges are used to make a five ounce bottle of Boyajian Pure Orange Oil.

Why use it? Citrus oils are the hot item in baking. Countless recipes call for zest, peel or juice, but these traditional ingredients lack the intense true flavor and aroma of citrus oil. Just a quarter teaspoon of citrus oil will flavor an entire cup of dry or liquid ingredients. Because a little goes a long way, citrus oil should be used sparingly. When stored in a refrigerator, citrus oils can have an indefinite shelf life.

Citrus oils can be added to any dessert or baking application as well as marinades and sauces. In addition to cookies and cakes, citrus oils add tremendous flavor to candy, confections, ice cream, and sorbet.

Other signature flavors include Pure Grapefruit Oil and Pure Tangerine Oil.

Oh, and if you want to look ahead a bit, here are two of the flavors they plan to announce next: Jalapeno Oil and Habanero Oil. You heard it first on The Food Channel!


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