Algae-Eating Fish: Are They Safe to Eat?

Algae-Eating Fish: Are They Safe to Eat?

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Algae-Eating Fish: Are They Safe to Eat?


By Cari Martens

My stomach is churning after reading this article from Yahoo News!

The Chinese are apparently cleaning up their rivers and lakes by using algae-eating fish, a good thing, but then they’re turning around and selling the same fish to unsuspecting consumers. By the time the silver carp have reached their adult weight, they will have eaten 88 to 100 pounds of blue algae! The fishermen that catch them once they’ve matured can mark up the price by 15 percent, which in turns boosts the local fishing industry. How do they know if the algae is harmful to humans? What will it take to find out? Plus, hundreds of factories spill their waste into the Chaohu lake…mmmmm, I’ll pass on the fish.

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