An iPod Case Good Enough to Eat

An iPod Case Good Enough to Eat

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An iPod Case Good Enough to Eat


By Cari Martens

Here’s a conversation starter for all you ipod-carrying carnivores out there. It’s a protective case designed – on purpose – to look like raw meat. At least it is upscale and meant to look like Kobe beef, with a high price tag to match (reportedly $88). It falls under trends because we see more and more of this type of accessory – man-made things that are designed to look like the natural environment. We admit this one is a little over the top, but the idea is one we can sink our teeth into. That is, if the meat were cooked.

The ipod case is sold by a Japanese company, “Solid Alliance”:, which tends to the quirky (such as their USB hubs).

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