Battle for the Breakfast Buck

Battle for the Breakfast Buck

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Battle for the Breakfast Buck


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The battle for the Breakfast Dining Dollar is heating up. New players in the breakfast market include Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Subway. But the story continues to develop as these and other nontraditional breakfast players make convenience and portability a priority.

Traditional breakfast feeders aren’t going to go away quietly. Here are just a few of the ways they’re working to keep your business.

  • Dunkin Donuts is serving up a new line of omelet breakfast sandwiches and a new Maple Cheddar sandwich, which is surprisingly (hmmm) similar to the McGriddle from McDonald’s. It has also launched a new oven-toasted line. See related story by clicking here.
  • Denny’s has launched its ‘Fall in Love with Breakfast Again’ campaign, a counterattack against the dashboard dining trend. In several TV ad spots, breakfast consumers feel the pain of spilling their to-go breakfasts in their car in their rush to get somewhere, while the ’80s band Air Supply’s hit song ‘I’m All Out of Love’ plays in the background. Consumers are encouraged to catch a weekend breakfast anytime.
  • Jamba Juice is looking to add spoonable ‘chunky smoothies’ and whole-wheat pocket sandwiches to the breakfast menus to capture consumers who want more than liquid nourishment in the a.m.

Healthful choices are becoming increasingly important to breakfast consumers. Several restaurants are looking at ways to incorporate egg whites, whole grains and trans-fat-free oils into their products. Huddle House is offering more healthful items on its breakfast menu, including lower-calorie options that are made to order.

Nation’s Restaurant News recently spoke to Robyn Bailey, director of marketing for Huddle House, who said, “For those looking at the healthier side of things, which does skew more toward females, we have grilled chicken sandwiches and we do offer cholesterol-free egg substitute. And since we cook to order, you can get omelets with vegetables only or egg substitute scrambled with our picante sauce and served with dry whole-wheat toast. It’s very low calorie and healthy. Basically, whatever a customer wants, we’ll make it [for them].”

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