Brits Have Designs On Making Tap Water More Fashionable

Brits Have Designs On Making Tap Water More Fashionable

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Brits Have Designs On Making Tap Water More Fashionable


By Cari Martens

Among the trends we expect to see continue in 2009 is the return to tap water as an acceptable beverage. In fact, The Food Channel cited the movement as part of the evidence in the ‘Living La Vida Locavore’ trend we selected as one of the top ten trends for the coming year.

Our friends across the pond have recently added a new wrinkle to this green movement, as recently reported in The Guardian online edition. Londoners are attempting to make drinking tap water a more stylish experience. London Mayor Boris Johnson and local utility Thames Water announced the results of a design contest to create the signature serving vessel for ‘London On Tap,’ an effort to encourage Londoners to choose tap water over bottled.

Contest winner Neil Barron received a prize of £5,000 (about $7500) from Thames Water for his “sexy” carafe design, called Tap Top. “Now [Londoners] will be able to identify our tap water with Neil’s stunning design, and drink the best water from the best bottle,” said David Owens, chief executive of Thames Water.

The carafe is pretty cool. Perhaps Londoners will take the next logical step and start drinking their tap water exclusively from fine glass goblets.

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