Buddy Fruits Uses NASA Styling to Deliver Real Fruit

Buddy Fruits Uses NASA Styling to Deliver Real Fruit

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Buddy Fruits Uses NASA Styling to Deliver Real Fruit


Here’s one of the more interesting products we’ve seen today at the Fancy Food Show. It’s a cross between a juice pack and a tube of toothpaste, only with fruit (think applesauce, only better) inside. What’s great about it is its versatility in an age of portability. The unique packaging appeals to kids of all ages, and it’s filled with fun flavors. In fact, the packaging is modeled after what NASA uses for the astronauts’ menus.

This new product is launching in the Fall as 100% blended “fruit to go” in a pouch, sold under the name Buddy Fruits. One of the chief advantages for moms is that the pouch is recloseable, so no waste if your child gets full before all the fruit is gone.

We met and talked with Damion Callery with Buddy Fruits, who said (imagine the French accent), “children are essentially lazy, they will go to the snack foods and chocolate bars that are easy to eat” He then gave us the story of Fabian Milon (pictured, left), who is a Frenchman transplanted to Florida.

In short, the Milon family came to the U.S. in the summer of 2006 and traveled Route 66 in a camper van. Along the way, they realized they could not find the fruit pouches popular in France. So, they decided to make their own. Within a year they were back to test the concept on friends in Florida, and a company was born.

Click here for the full story of what he calls “a family project.”

The company is now based in Miami and we have some prototypes at The Food Channel. I suppose the rest of you will just have to wait until Fall when the product is fully launched.


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