Craving a NY Style Pizza Pie

Craving a NY Style Pizza Pie

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Craving a NY Style Pizza Pie


I know we’re at the Fancy Food Show, emphasis on Fancy. I know that I have spent the last two days sampling truffles (the mushroom kind and the chocolate kind), olive oils, cheeses, salts, cookies, pates, gelato, teas, coffees, and enough gastronomic pleasures to feed food imaginations for a year.

I also know that, at the end of the day, what I craved was a New York style pizza.

You know the kind. It is sold by the slice, and goes right from the pizza pan back into the pizza oven to be crisped and heated. It’s then slid onto a paper plate by a man wearing a stained white apron who asks, in a thick Italian accent, ‘Here, or to take?’

When it comes to eating experiences, the NY pizza has to be one of the more unique. Where else can you pick your food up with one hand, fold it over, lift it to your mouth, and feel the pleasurable sensation of hot oil sliding down your fingers? Where else can you taste the cheese with that satisfying crunch of pizza dough as your teeth cut through the triangle?

Forget deep dish, or even homemade. Forget the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building or Broadway. Eating NY pizza from one of the hole-in-the-wall shops means you’ve been to NY.

Now it’s back to the hard work of trying to find the latest food product from the most interesting countries. For my money, top of the list is still at places like the 9th Avenue Pizza place, New York City, NY.


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