Can I use Soy Milk in a Scratch Pudding Recipe?

Can I use Soy Milk in a Scratch Pudding Recipe?

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Can I use Soy Milk in a Scratch Pudding Recipe?

Question: Can I use soy milk in a made-from-scratch pudding recipe?

Answer: Soy milk can be used in place of cow’s milk in most recipes on a 1-1 ratio (if your recipe calls for 1 cup milk, use 1 cup soy milk, for example). However, if using a packaged instant pudding mix, you should cut the quantity in half (instead of 1 cup milk, use 1/2 cup soy milk). That is only with a packaged pudding—when making pudding from scratch stick with the full quantity. You may notice a taste difference, particularly if you don’t regularly drink soy milk, so you may want to start with half milk and half soy milk to see how it impacts your recipe’s flavor.

Click on these links for more information about use of soy in recipes: ochef or recipelink.

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