Cheery Libations for Holiday Celebrations

Cheery Libations for Holiday Celebrations

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Cheery Libations for Holiday Celebrations


The holidays are a wonderful time of year to try new things…new recipes, new foods and new twists on traditional favorites. Often, however, the focus is on the food this time of year, and all the usual beverages are served without a lot of thought going into it.

Festive holiday beverages and cocktails can add a lively spirit to any occasion. Shake things up with some of these seasonal ideas.


The traditional martini is given a holiday hue with a splash of cranberry juice. Cranberry Martini >>

For a festive touch, moisten the rims of tall glasses and dip in a mixture of finely chopped crystallized ginger and sugar. Ginger Iced Tea >>

Enjoy this soothing cool-weather drink after a brisk fall walk. Garnish each mug with a cinnamon stick and a few whole cloves. Hot Spiced Cider with Calvados >>

The grapes at the bottom of the glass provide a surprise element, and the bright green mint adds a splash of color to this refreshing drink. White Grape Splash >>

Apple cider takes on a grown-up twist with the addition of Calvados, an apple brandy produced in France’s Normandy region. Apple Cider Cocktail >>


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