Deep Fried and Fabulous

Deep Fried and Fabulous

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Deep Fried and Fabulous


A fair classic, but not in this year’s top ten.

Cholesterol, Schmolesterol. When you enter the fairgrounds, doctors’ warnings and dietary guidelines are left far, far behind. Cotton candy, funnel cakes, pork rinds and corn dogs bark for our attention and we go for it. Even the most sensible eater, who would never touch a bacon-cheeseburger under normal circumstances, will likely succumb to much more decadent fare once inside the gates of the fair.

Especially when it comes to fried foods.

Here then, is our Top Ten list of deep-fried faves found littering the landscape at the summer fairs.

10. Deep-fried Pickles. Hey, I’ve even had these at an upscale restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

9. Deep-fried cheesecake. Anything with cheesecake in it has got to be good. Am I right, ladies?

8. Deep-fried Snickers. Packed with peanuts. Powered by hot grease.

7. Deep-fried Cookie Dough. First they chill the cookie dough, then dip it in batter, deep-fry it and top it with whipped cream. What’s not to like?

p(right caption). The Twink. Deep-fried and dee-vine.

6. Dippity Dogs. A hot dog, wrapped in a flour torilla, deep-fried and served on a stick. Are the Mexicans moving in on our territory here?

5. Fried Guac. This just sounds weird. A scoop of guacamole, breaded and fried. Served with ranch dressing or salsa.

4. Fried Key Lime Pie. Okay, that almost sounds normal. But I grew liking Banana Flips. Anybody remember those?

3. Fried Mac ‘n Cheese. I’ve heard this has made it onto regular restaurant menus. Really?

2. Deep Fried Oreos. Double-Stuff or Regular, these are darned good.

1. Deep Fried Twinkies. Served up with raspberry dipping sauce, mmm-mmm. Isn’t this something we wish we could enjoy all year long? Nah, probably not a good idea.


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