Did I Get It?

Did I Get It?

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Did I Get It?


By Cari Martens

Let’s face it – we identify with known brands. In fact, we take refuge in them and appreciate knowing when our favorite brands endorse something. With that in mind, I have to say that someone was really thinking creatively on this one!

According to Junkfoodblog, Carl’s Jr. has been endorsed by the Dry cleaning & Laundry Institute because of the increased business that dry cleaning businesses have received since Carl’s new chili cheeseburger hit the face . . . err, floor . . . running. “Seizing the opportunity, the execs at Carl’s Jr are now supplying dry cleaning bags emblazoned with the Carl’s Jr. chili cheeseburger to participating dry cleaners.”

For a fun look at the advertising surrounding the chili cheeseburger, take a look at the “Did I Get It?” ad:

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