Do You Want Kuzasu With That Hamburger?

Do You Want Kuzasu With That Hamburger?

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Do You Want Kuzasu With That Hamburger?


By Cari Martens

Pop up Lifestyle is moving into the mainstream in Japan, where you can find an RFID (radio frequency identification) coupon built into your phone. What’s more, you can even pay with the phone.

According to, McDonald’s in Japan has released what is called the Kazasu Coupon (Contactless Coupon) loyalty and payment program. They say, “Kazasu Coupon uses Felica RFID technology installed in most modern Japanese phones to create the first program of this type, allowing customers to choose their meals, redeem coupons, and pay for purchases all with their mobile phones.”

After customers pick out their hamburger and fries, they can cash in the coupon by placing their phone near the RFID reader at the register.

Next thing you know, the popular phrase will be, “Do you want Kazasu with that?”

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