One Recipe, Four Ways (Tex-Mex)

One Recipe, Four Ways (Tex-Mex)

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One Recipe, Four Ways (Tex-Mex)


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Andrew Schloss has created a simple recipe system that lets you make four meals in the time it usually takes to make one. Family Fiesta Soft Tacos, with a few additions, becomes guacamole-topped tostadas, or entree-grade quesadillas, or an enchilada casserole.

Clockwise from top, Enchilada Casserole, Entree Quesadillas, Family Fiesta Soft Tacos, Guacamole Volcano Tostada.

The method is easy, Schloss says. You start by preparing a basic kid-friendly recipe, like mac and cheese or BBQ chicken (enough to feed the whole family). Then, while the food is cooking, you whip up small amounts of simple stir-ins or add-ons from easy-to-use ingredients, like canned foods. In the time it takes to prepare an everyday dinner, you can transform a portion of the mild-mannered, basic recipe into something with real pizzazz, which is ideal for those who want more flavor or more interesting ingredients.

One Recipe, Four Ways is divided into a base kid-friendly recipe that serves 8 (enough for the whole family plus some leftovers), and 3 add-on recipes (that yield 2 servings each) for those who crave something a bit more exciting.

Family Fiesta Soft Tacos will spice up dinnertime with a Mexican-style meal that’s chock full of taste and nutrition, and one of the best ways to get your kids to eat it is to involve them in the preparation. Setting out the makings for Family Fiesta Soft Tacos and letting everyone in the family assemble their own is a fun way to let even young children feel like they’re “cooking.” The flavorful variations up the ante with some simple add-ons and preparations.

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