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Drink Your Dinner

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Drink Your Dinner


By Cari Martens

It’s called a “high efficiency survival drink.” In other words, drink your dinner, in flavors that include Tandoori Chicken, Fish ‘n Chips, and Texas BBQ. The people at Meat Water say they use “only the finest protein, an organic compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.” Amidst all the scientific explanation of proteins, they also promise that, “You will see an increase in size and a decrease in body fat, improved recovery abilities, and an increase in strength.”

Oh, and with the best interests of your health obviously in mind, they also tell you to, “Walk, don’t run and brush your teeth before you go to bed.” And, in the fine print, you can discover that it’s all a joke. While the Sensory Appeal of this ideais unreal, I’m not sure how well this would catch on, even if it were for real.

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