KFC Ads Feature Hidden Image

KFC Ads Feature Hidden Image

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KFC Ads Feature Hidden Image


KFC fans who pay close attention to the latest in-store KFC Snacker® posters and TV ads may see more than what first meets the eye. The current promotions feature a hidden image.

What’s more, if you’re one of the first 1,000 people each day to identify it on the company’s website, you can win a gift check for a KFC Snacker. For each of 10 days beginning today (April 24), 1,000 people will win – with a total of 10,000 free Snackers being awarded.

KFC calls it a continuation of “our tradition of fun and unique advertising.” KFC pioneered the first-ever documented hidden message in a national TV ad in 2006. “We love coming up with new ways to break through the clutter with advertising innovations that encourage people to get involved in our promotions,” said James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer for KFC. “I can’t reveal the secret, but here’s a hint: Americans will definitely enjoy more ‘green’ when they get a deal on one of four Snacker varieties for just 99 cents.”

Previous campaigns include KFC becoming the first brand to have a logo visible from space, freeze frame ads aimed to beat DVR technology, ads embedded with high-pitched ring-tone technology and KFC aroma placement in the halls of corporate America.

If you can’t find the image in the commercial, you can stop by KFC and look for it in the Snacker posters. Check both out online at http://www.kfc.com, and let us know if you find it!


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