Eating Out: A Luxury, or an Experience?

Eating Out: A Luxury, or an Experience?

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Eating Out: A Luxury, or an Experience?


By Cari Martens

When we think trends, it’s often a positive – something fun to look forward to. But as we all know, economic trends have their downside. And, while three meals a day will continue to be a staple, the lavishness of those meals may be on the downward trend. After years of Private Pampering where we indulge in a little extra after a hard day’s work, our taste in restaurants may be in check.

A Reuters report quotes Chuck Hunt, executive vice president of the New York State Restaurant Association, as saying, “There has been a definite downturn in the economy and a restaurant purchase is a discretionary purchase. People don’t have to eat in restaurants.”

Take it as a caution rather than as a declaration: People still want experience. Those restaurants who are able to find the balance between a great experience and a budget that is only slightly decadent may rule.

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