Economy Drives Food Ads

Economy Drives Food Ads

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Economy Drives Food Ads


By Ann Bagel Storck for Meatingplace (used by permission) and The Food Channel editors.

A new TV spot for Hormel Refrigerated Entrees positions the products as the right answer for families forced to eat at home more due to the economy’s downward spiral.

The ad, which will appear on 12 national cable networks through Aug. 31, depicts a family enjoying a Hormel Refrigerated Entrée while living versions of fast-food icons look on in dismay.

And, the ads have already started for Domino’s new value meal, called the 444 Deal: three 10 inch pizzas with one topping for $4 each (minimum order of three.)

Crediting the state of the economy and the need for penny-pinching, David Brandon, Domino’s Pizza Chairman and CEO, says, “Nowadays, $4 gets you a little more than a gallon of gas or a cup of coffee from a local coffee house. Who would have thought it could buy you a meal?”

The new 444 Deal has launched in more than 1,500 Domino’s Pizza locations, and will be available nationwide by April 14.


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