Edibly Fun, Easily Done

Edibly Fun, Easily Done

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Edibly Fun, Easily Done


p(left caption). Sparkling Pink Pear Lemonade Slushee

As Alice Cooper sings, school’s…out…for…summer! Kids are eager to soak up the season with water balloon battles, bike riding, swimming, baseball and more. In between these summertime activities, moms are often faced with a throng of hungry, thirsty kids looking for some munchies. So these busy moms are on the lookout for simple summer snack ideas.

Cool Creations from Chef Andrew Schloss

To help, the Canned Food Alliance worked with Chef Andrew Schloss to create a selection of Edibly Fun, Easily Done recipes for mom to make for her kids and their friends who always seem to find their way into the kitchen. Now you can show you have a knack for snacks by serving up these easy, kid-friendly creations that are loaded with fruits and vegetables that kids need as part of a healthy diet.

Serving up fun dipping sauces, bite-sized portions and kid-friendly favorites will help Mom to hit a home run with every kid on the block.

These nine nifty recipes are courtesy of Mealtime.org, the Web site of the Canned Food Alliance. Click on any one of these Edibly Fun, Easily Done recipes to check ’em out.

â‹… French Toast Fingers with Fruit and Veggie Dips
â‹… Cheesy Pizza Fondue
â‹… Munchable Mini-Burgers with Flavorful Fruit Dips
⋅ Sloppy Josés
â‹… Play Ball Rice Bites
â‹… Pizza-licious Home-Baked Pie
â‹… Fruity Frozen Fudge Pops
â‹… Sparkling Pink Pear Lemonade Slushee
â‹… Funny Fruit Face


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