Editor's Blog: Of Cheesecakes & Websites

Editor's Blog: Of Cheesecakes & Websites

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Editor's Blog: Of Cheesecakes & Websites


If you are reading this you are aware that we have a new Food Channel site, bringing you new insights and helping further your food knowledge and interaction. We wanted to get the site out there and begin bringing you the recipes and stories as we get them done, balanced with full knowledge that we have a lot of functions that are still being built. For example, to print a recipe right now you have to print the web page or do a cut and paste—not impossible, but not as convenient as we plan to make it with the print function that is coming.

We also don’t have full design on all pages. Once we have that, your navigation will be easier and we’ll be able to direct you to new content and features. We’ve committed to keeping this interesting for our users, which means we’ll update news plus bring you new recipes and stories on a regular basis.

Because we want to bring you as many recipes as possible from The Kitchens of The Food Channel, our chefs are working overtime to research, create and make new dishes. We have things planned for Mardi Gras and for Valentine’s Day that you can certainly look forward to!

It’s a work in progress, and your feedback so far has been absolutely terrific. It shows that our combination of food knowledge, great pictures, tested recipes and fun interaction is meeting your needs. We are excited about adding to your food knowledge and your enjoyment of food, and appreciate your checking back often to see the new things that will be added—both in content features, and site usability features.

I look forward to hanging with you in the kitchen. Speaking of that, today in The Kitchens of The Food Channel, it’s cheesecakes. There are several strewn around the kitchens in various states—from fresh out of the oven to sitting prettily on a pedestal, crowned with fresh blackberries. I’ve long held the theory that if it isn’t chocolate, why waste the calories, but these cheesecakes easily toss all theories aside. Who can turn down the smooth luxury that a cheesecake offers? Especially these. See the Recipe.




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