Eggs After Dark

Eggs After Dark

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Eggs After Dark


Our senior writer, Bill Bailey, pegged me exactly when he told you I ‘like breakfast food for dinner.’ For one thing, it’s easy to pull together. For another, I never take the time for a hot meal in the morning, so it’s not as though I’m duplicating effort or tastes!

So, my family often gets egg casserole, or pancakes, or plain ol’ scrambled eggs and toast for dinner. The fact that ‘family’ these days consists of just the two of us living in the house, while our daughter has her own fun loft apartment and our son resides on campus—well, that fact just makes breakfast for dinner a little cozier.

And, since we are down to just the two of us, the basic pantry items that used to get, well, used, don’t. So bread and milk become, voila, French Toast.

So, for all those who like their eggs after dark, I’ve put a few of my family’s favorites in our recipe section. I’ve been making these for so long that I have no idea of the original source, so my apologies if I’m sharing your secret recipe! Check out Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry Sauce, Baked French Toast, and Bananas Foster French Toast. These are not chef-created by any means—these are simple home fare that just may wake up your taste buds to a new sort of dinner.

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