Fast Food Getting Bad Rap?

Fast Food Getting Bad Rap?

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Fast Food Getting Bad Rap?

A recent article in Men’s Health magazine listed the “20 Worst Foods in America,” organized by category, including “worst breakfast, worst chicken entrée, worst kid’s meal, worst Chinese entrée, worst dessert,” etc.

Perhaps the most surprising thing was, quick service (or fast food) restaurants claimed only three of the spots in this top 20 list. A feature on the Today Show covered the same story, and made note that so-called casual dining and family restaurants actually fared a good deal worse than their fast food brethren.

The Problem? Portions.

The main culprit? Portion sizes. We have Macaroni Grill showing up twice on the list with a Kid’s Meal that clocks in at 1,210 calories and 62 grams of fat! Along with a Spaghetti & Meat Balls with Meat Sauce dish that adds up to a whopping 2,430 calories and 128g of fat.

The Mexican casual dine chain On the Border shows up most often (thrice) with its Stacked Border Nachos topping out at 2,740 calories and 166 grams of fat. Don’t bother eating for a couple of days after that.

Who’s number one? Well, the ignominious honor goes to Outback Steakhouse’s “side dish,” Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing, coming in just under 3,000 calories (2,900) with 182 fat grams.

So, if you’re thinking that eating at one of these nice sit-down restaurants is a healthier option than the corner Bun’n’Run…well, it all depends on what you order.



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