Bob's Blueberry Pancakes

Bob's Blueberry Pancakes

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Bob's Blueberry Pancakes


Picture a weekday morning in the Kitchens of The Food Channel. Chefs in white coats are prepping for the day’s assignments. Cookbooks are flying off the shelves as we compare and evaluate recipes. And the meals make it worth it all. Especially after a holiday.

Bob is the boss. So even if his blueberry pancakes weren’t all that special, we’d have to say that they were. The thing is, they really are pretty spectacular. He has served them to his employees for breakfast many times over the years—did that just last Wednesday as a matter of fact.

According to Bob, blueberry pancakes are one of the best foods for stimulating creative thinking. Not only that, they are loaded with one of the top superfoods, fresh blueberries, famous for their antioxidant, cancer-fighting qualities.

Bob’s blueberry pancake breakfasts have delighted clients from some of the biggest names in the food industry. These golden brown beauties taste fabulous. Try ’em and let us know you think.

Bob’s Blueberry Pancake Recipe



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