Food on a Stick Makes a Hot T-Shirt

Food on a Stick Makes a Hot T-Shirt

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Food on a Stick Makes a Hot T-Shirt


By Cari Martens

Here’s a design trend that fosters state loyalty and allows you to poke a little fun at yourself at the same time. These three t-shirts are from, where there is apparently someone who is a fan of the Minnesota State Fair! Options include:

State Fair: Official Utensil

This shirt features fair food on a stick, saying, “What would the State Fair be like without food on a stick? Is it time to finally celebrate the timeless contribution of this versatile culinary tool in fashionable apparel?”

Scientists at Fair Make Amazing Discovery: Deep-Fried Carbs Don’t Count!

Let’s hear it for deep-fried food at the fair.

Corndog: Man’s Best Friend

This shirt features a picture of a corndog over an outline of the State of Minnesota “to celebrate the high cuisine of the state fair! Are the carbs worth it? You bet!”

It’s all about personalization, so if you are from Minnesota, wear them with pride. And if not, perhaps you can make your own!

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