Frog Leg Pizza Has Activists Hopping Mad

Frog Leg Pizza Has Activists Hopping Mad

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Frog Leg Pizza Has Activists Hopping Mad


p(right caption). Photo: The Sun

By Cari Martens

London-based restaurant chain Eco has introduced a new specialty pizza called ‘The Hopper’ that is topped with eight frog legs, capers and an anchovy sorbet. As reported by Alex Peake in The Sun, animal rights activists are up in arms.

The pie sells for £17.95 (about $30 USD), and has raised the ire of animal rights activists in Britain who called it ‘barbaric’—because frogs’ legs are removed while they are still alive. An Animal Aid spokeswoman called for a boycott of the Eco restaurants.

The frog leg-topped pizza is the brainchild of Chef Sami Wasif, who says he came up with the concept while on a trip to Paris. He’s quoted in the Sun article offering this comment: ‘Pizza is something you can experiment with. I might try one with snails next.’

We’re not sure if the U.S. will be ready to hop on this trend anytime soon. And we have another question: Anchovy sorbet?

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