From Postcards to Prizes, Have Fun During Pickle Week

From Postcards to Prizes, Have Fun During Pickle Week

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From Postcards to Prizes, Have Fun During Pickle Week


It’s International Pickle Week, and a special website is bringing you the chance to have some fun. Plus, one site visitor will be selected to win a pickle prize pack each day.

Here is a sneak peak of what is in store:

Day 1 – May 16
Activity: Pickle Fact Attack – Fruit or Vegetable? Find out what the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, and test your knowledge of other pickled particulars at
Recipe: Pickletini

Day 2 – May 17
Activity: Send a Pickle Postcard – Personalize pickle greetings with Dill-lightful e-cards at
Recipe: German Pickled Potato Salad

Day 3 – May 18
Activity: Pass a Peck of Pressure-Packed Pickles Please – Submit your own pickle poem on It just may be selected for posting online for all to read.
Recipe: Deep Fried Pickles

Day 4 – May 19
Activity: How Many Pickle Lovers Are Part of Your Posse? Submit a photo of your group enjoying pickles to and we may post it on the fan page.
Recipe: Grilled Chicken Breasts with Dill Pickle Salsa

Day 5 – May 20
Activity: Could You Be a Pickle Merchant like the Namesake of America? Send your best pickle pitch (20 words or less) to
Recipe: Rueben Pizza

Day 6 – May 21
Activity: Show Us Your Pickle Babies and Tots! Submit photos to of your little ones puckering from a pickle.
Recipe: Colored Pickles

Day 7 – May 22
Activity: Tell a Juicy Tale – Pickle juice can be used in many recipes, including marinades and salad dressings, and has even been known to help cure a hangover. Share your use for the juice at
Recipe: Daily Sports Drink

Day 8 – May 23
Activity: Go Crazy in the Kitchen – Pickles add fun flavor and texture to all kinds of foods. Send us your favorite pickle concoction at
Recipe: Pickle Chili

Day 9 – May 24
Activity: What’s Your Pickle Preference? Vote at for which pickles you think make the cut – spears, planks, chips?
Recipe: Dill Pickled Meatloaf

Day 10 – May 25
Activity: Got A Pickle Pal? Do you or someone you know love pickles? Tell your story or nominate your pal our Pickle Lover of the Year Award at The winner receives a one-year supply of pickles.
Recipe: Greek Pickled Pita

Day 11 – May 26
Activity: Join the Pickle Posse! Are you a pickle fan? Then pony up and join the posse at
Recipe: Ancho Chili Chocolate Cupcakes

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