Gail Cunningham, Executive Chef

Gail Cunningham, Executive Chef

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Gail Cunningham, Executive Chef

As Corporate Executive Chef for The Food Channel, Gail provides menu analysis, strategy and position development, and food, recipe and new product development and launch.

Gail brings more than 30 years of culinary experience to The Food Channel. Her extensive hands-on expertise includes introducing and managing new food products and concepts as well as on- and off-premise catering programs. Her in-depth understanding of trends and their impact on the food industry make Gail an invaluable asset to The Food Channel. Her new product development for retail applications includes culinary concepts, gold-standard benchmark/living concepts and R&D-driven product development. She also has extensive experience in recipe programs and merchandising support. Gail has been instrumental in national account menu development for clients such as Tyson Foods, Campbell’s Soup and PepsiCo, playing a key role in menu strategy and positioning, menu concept development, menu analysis/product recommendations, and developing the gold-standard benchmark for new product development. Gail is a member of the Research Chefs of America.




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