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Get a Taste of What's New

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Get a Taste of What's New


This week The Food Channel is covering the Fancy Food Show in New York City, an event that attracts thousands of specialty food retailers, plus chefs, restaurateurs, supermarket buyers, deli owners, gift store buyers, caterers. Let us show you around!

Below are some of the sights, sounds and tastes that have captured our fancy at The Fancy Foods Show.

Click on this highlighted type for a tour of the Fancy Foods Show, Day 2.

Sweety Pepp are pickled peppers that have a sweet, juicy flavor and are easy to pop in your mouth – great stuffed for appetizers.

A tasting of Chilean flavors showed our team the great varieties of oils, vinegars and seasonings that are ready to pervade our senses.

Chef Pilar demonstrates lamb chops for a crowd at the Chilean exhibit.

Agave Ketchup is organic ketchup you can cook with.

Learn more about Agave Ketchup.

Gluten free is big news at the show.

Paté, anyone?

New intense flavors are showing up in chocolate, drinks, and seasonings – flavors like “blood orange.”

Here’s an interesting innovation – seasoning sheets that allow for uniform seasoning of any protein.

We’ll bring you more about this one, for sure – Organic Meltdown saves trees while bringing you chocolate. Everyone wins!

A showcase of all that’s new in the way of innovative and fun new food products.

Read our show recap.


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