Get Hooked on Virtual Fishing

Get Hooked on Virtual Fishing

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Get Hooked on Virtual Fishing


By Cari Martens

Got a hankering for seafood? In Japan all you have to do is pick up the cell phone to do a little fishing! Virtual fishing, that is. It’s when players use their phone keys to cast a baited line to promising-looking fish in the game’s virtual waters. When a fish takes the bait, the player is then sent to a slot machine screen. When three numbers line up appropriately, the virtual fish is hooked and reeled in.

So far, it’s a game; but, here’s the hook: A message is then sent on to the wholesaler, who picks up a real-world equivalent fish from the local seafood market and delivers it, whole and raw, to the player’s doorstep. Sounds a lot more fun than going to an old stinky fish market, doesn’t it? We just hope that it’s properly packaged and refrigerated! The game is called Ippon Zuri, which reportedly translates as ‘pole-and-line fishing,” and was created by a company called FIT. Read more about it by clicking here.

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