Go Red for Women with an Italian Theme

Go Red for Women with an Italian Theme

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Go Red for Women with an Italian Theme


So, I was asked to donate a purse to the local Go Red for Women campaign – a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. I’ve donated before, and found it was kind of fun to choose a red purse and fill it with fun things. Last time I did an arts & culture theme, filling a designer bag with theatre tickets, a symphony CD, and gift certificates for after-the-show restaurants.

This time I’ve gone Italian – I think it was the Italian leather in my bag of choice that swayed that decision! So the bag holds a Giada cookbook – Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes, a DVD of Ratatouille, an aged red wine vinegar and an Italian herb dipping oil. There are touches of red throughout – the dipping oil even has a bright chili pepper in it! I hope that it brings a decent amount during the auction and that it goes to a foodie who will appreciate the whimsical touches meant to bring out the pasta in a girl!

It’s an honor to participate in these activities when my schedule allows, and my thanks goes to the organizers of Go Red for Women events across the nation. We keep our eye on heart-healthy recipes and activities at The Food Channel and appreciate all of those who do.


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