Kansas State Fair Food Facts & Fun

Kansas State Fair Food Facts & Fun

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Kansas State Fair Food Facts & Fun


The Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson is known for its food contests and fair food. Here are a few highlights:

Creative Culinary Design Contest
Sept. 10 – 12, 2008, 3 p.m.

A true creative spirit can fashion a sensational design out of just about anything. Contestants will be given a number of kitchen supplies and 30 minutes to construct whatever they wish. All supplies will be provided and presented at the beginning of each contest. Competition will be limited to the first five exhibitors to sign up each day. Winner will receive $10. Exhibits will be on display in the Foods Department throughout the fair.

What’s For Dinner Beef Cook-Off
Sept. 13, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This event is based on beef recipes that families can enjoy eating during the week, for a special occasion or get together. Recipes must include eight ingredients or less and include beef. Finalists (recipes had to be submitted in August) will give a cooking demonstration and explain their recipe onstage.


  • The Kansas State Fair is going green. Not only recycling bottles and cans, but also the cooking grease used throughout the fairgrounds to cook up funnel cakes and Pronto Pups. All grease used at the Kansas State Fair fairgrounds is taken to a nearby biodiesel plant and is used for fuel.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not all fair food is unhealthy food. The Kansas State Fair offers a variety of healthy alternatives – stuffed cucumbers, fruit bowls, turkey legs, lean meat wraps and more. And the much-loved Pronto Pups originated with a goal of a fun food with the least amount of grease as possible. The fair favorite’s creator tested many hotdogs in the Pronto Pup’s development stage, choosing a turkey dog that left the least amount of grease on the napkin it was cooked in. Pronto Pups are also cooked at the perfect temperature that cooks them quickly so the batter absorbs the least amount of grease possible. (For more on Pronto Pups, check out this article from The Topeka Capital-Journal).
  • Park City IceWater, a new water vendor at the fair, will be offering fair visitors an alternative to the water bottle. Park City IceWater’s unique packaging requires 75 percent less energy to produce, is recyclable, and when disposed of requires 95 percent less landfill space. Not only is it nature-friendly; it’s also remarkably nature-fresh. Park City IceWater is extracted from a trapped glacier 2,000 feet below the Uinta Mountains in Utah and flows in a closed system directly into their plant unexposed to outside elements.

If you make it to the Kansas State Fair, be sure to let us know what you eat!


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