Goat's Milk Ice Cream Takes Off Running

Goat's Milk Ice Cream Takes Off Running

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Goat's Milk Ice Cream Takes Off Running


By Cari Martens

They call it “slow farmed and kitchen fresh.” We are seeing goat’s milk pop up everywhere, a sign of people’s interest in probiotic, natural and farm-fresh foods. It’s also a response to more lactose intolerance. In other words, it’s Well-Being and Green Hot rolled into one.

Laloo’s simply says, “We believe that the quality of food and enjoyment of life unite. We let our goats play on 350 acres of rolling hills in Sonoma County, California, where they graze on green grass and thistleberry in the warm Pacific breeze. It’s the good life.”

Apparently that leads to ice cream that is low fat and lactose friendly. Check out their goat milk ice cream recipes at www.goatmilkicecream.com.

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