Blue Smarties Are Back

Blue Smarties Are Back

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Blue Smarties Are Back


Blue Smarties are back thanks to Spirulina, an all-natural coloring derived from seaweed. The blue candies were removed from the mix two years ago, in response to concerns over artificial additives.

Nestle Rowntree stopped producing blue Smarties when it promised to remove all artificial colourings from the confectionery amid concerns that they are linked to hyperactivity and may pose other health risks.

The blue Smartie was replaced by a white one, while a suitable natural alternative was found. “After three years of searching, Nestle Rowntree has found a way to create the much loved blue Smarties without artificial colous or flavors,” said Graham Walker, UK Trade Communications Manager.

“There were a lot of disappointed consumers when blue SMARTIES were taken out of the range but I am delighted to announce that they are back.”

After an extended period of development, Nestle now appears to have found the solution in Spirulina, which is produced from two species of cyanobacteria (blue-green lake algae).

It is commonly used as a dietary supplement as it contains unusually high levels of protein, between 55 and 77 per cent by dry weight. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, D and E, and contains potassium and other minerals.


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