Gourmet Ice Cream Hits the Streets

Gourmet Ice Cream Hits the Streets

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Gourmet Ice Cream Hits the Streets


By Cari Martens

Have you heard the jingle of the bell of an ice cream truck in your neighborhood lately? In New York, it’s common, although gothamist.com complains that “these Kool Man and Mister Softee purveyors don’t sell ice cream; it’s all synthetic soft serve or pre-packaged frozen products . . .What’s an ice cream snob to do?”

Now, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream is stepping up, literally, with two vintage Chevrolet step vans that will deliver gourmet ice cream from a reportedly “hormone free dairy.” They have been operating in Connecticut, and opened in NY earlier this month.

The gourmet ice cream is, according to the website, “made with fresh hormone free milk and cream from farmers that we know personally in Lewis County, New York” and contains no stabilizers, preservatives, corn syrup or unnatural emulsifiers. It comes in the usual flavors plus a few novelties, such as Red Currant and Ginger.

Let me know when you hear the bell.

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Photo courtesy Ashley Fischer.


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