Guest Blogger: Foodie Rachel

Guest Blogger: Foodie Rachel

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Guest Blogger: Foodie Rachel


Food blogs are big, and we at The Food Channel® are big fans. We love checking out the great recipes, ideas and commentary from other people who love food as much as we do. In honor of all you food bloggers, we will on occasion highlight your best thoughts, recipes and photos – always with permission and a link so that others can check these food blogs out in more depth.

With that in mind, we bring you Foodierachel. Foodierachel is a blogger who got started as a way to share her life – and her recipes – with family and friends. She tells us, ‘Foodie blogging is so huge! It is a great community of people with one goal: find your favorite foods and share them with the world. There is a food blog for every type of person and every type of cuisine. Being involved in such a community has been so much fun.’

In real life, Foodierachel is married, with one toddler, and is employed full time. Her site has been up since October 2006, and was recently nominated for ‘Best Food Blog’ by the Blogger’s Choice Awards. Like many food blogs, she offers a mix of family recipes and family photos, drawing you into her life to share the memories and the good times.

She also does the Daring Baker Challenge and is not afraid to take risks in the kitchen. (See her commentary where she says, “Sorry, not all trials are success stories”). She likes camping, has two brothers who follow her blog and contribute their own ideas, and makes her own baby food (for her ‘foodie in training’).

Reading her blog and the comments from her friends is a glimpse into the past, when families handed down recipes and shared food at large gatherings on a regular basis. The difference is, it’s all online . . . and Foodierachel branches out to invent and try new recipes on a regular basis, in addition to the family tried and true.

If you are a newlywed (recipes for two, on a budget), the parent of a toddler (recipes for homemade babyfood), or just enjoy reading about someone with an obvious love for food, check out Foodierachel.

Here are some of her favorite recipes:

Cheesy Garlic Crab Bites

Taco Salad

Slow Cooked Ham with Cider & Raisins


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