Happy Tofurky Day!

Happy Tofurky Day!

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Happy Tofurky Day!


If you’re having a large group over for Thanksgiving, chances are pretty good that one or more of your guests will be a vegetarian. Some families take the attitude, ‘Oh well, there will be plenty of side dishes and vegetables,’ and don’t take any special measures.

But the truly considerate host will inquire about the guest with the special request and serve, none other than, a Tofurky roast!

We have served our vegetarian daughter a Tofurky several times on Thanksgiving and she enjoys it. A “Tofurky” is a tofu ‘turkey’ roast that is prepared in the oven just like the bird. Check out the different varieties of Tofurky at Turtle Island Foods.

Made from a tofu-wheat protein blend, a Tofurky Roast is known for its turkey-like texture and flavor. It claims to be America’s original and best-selling alternative to turkey.


The guys over at simulatedcomicproduct.com have come up with a clever Tofurky Disguise Kit. They show just how easy it is for a vegan family member to blend in to any meat-eating celebration! You can download and print out a cute turkey template right here.


Fresh Tofu Inc. actually makes a Tofu Turkey product that is shaped like a turkey—head, feathers and all. Each turkey is ‘hand scored, marinated, and then baked to a golden brown.’ And has no bones. Imagine that.



Slashfood has a step-by-step review of this product with great pictures and how they prepared their Tofurky roast.

Tofurky recipes around the web:

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