How the Economy Will Be Good for Food

How the Economy Will Be Good for Food

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How the Economy Will Be Good for Food


In looking at trends, you have to try to see both sides of an issue. One food blogger, Niall Harbison, recently gave his perspective in 5 Reasons the Recession is Good for Foodies. He said that restaurant standards will improve, new recipes will emerge, local produce will come into its own, young people will learn how to actually cook, and organic foods may actually come down in price.

So, while your pocketbook may be empty, look at the bright side. When you can afford to eat out, it will be higher quality for a lower price, or offered at a special deal. You and others will get creative with your recipes and perhaps a little more daring at using up those leftovers. You’ll shop locally to support nearby growers, and you’ll get organic foods as part of the bargain! And eating at home will become the real treat as you showcase your culinary talents.

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