How Hot Dogs Are Made

How Hot Dogs Are Made

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How Hot Dogs Are Made


By Tom Johnston for Meatingplace. Used by permission.

Hot dog! It’s almost summer, and the American Meat Institute has added to its Meat News Network two new videos showing how red hots are made.

“The hot dog making process has been the subject of speculation, rumor and even humor. Our latest video addition shows the facts about hot dog making and the steps that are taken to produce safe, nutritious and delicious foods,” said Janet M. Riley, AMI’s senior vice president of public affairs.

The video also depicts scenes of people enjoying what is truly one of America’s favorite foods.

The video includes historic photos, scenes in a plant, footage from Chicago’s Wrigley Field and extension information on regulation and inspection of the hot dog making process.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Additional videos may be viewed here.


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