I'll See Your Chicken Biscuit and Raise You One

I'll See Your Chicken Biscuit and Raise You One

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I'll See Your Chicken Biscuit and Raise You One


Hardee’s® is countering McDonald’s® free chicken biscuit promotion with its own money-back guarantee. Hardee’s announced that they will give every customer who doesn’t agree that their Chicken Fillet Biscuit is the best a full refund of the purchase price. The ‘Chicken Biscuit Challenge’ runs until June 30.

’Hardee’s was the first fast-food chain in America to offer Made From Scratchâ„¢ buttermilk biscuits way back in 1972 and we have been selling a Chicken Fillet Biscuit in all of our restaurants in the South for almost as long,’ said Brad Haley, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Hardee’s. ‘So, when some ‘Johnny-Come-McLately’ tries to tout the goodness of their much smaller chicken biscuit, we thought it was appropriate to let the consumer decide who makes the best one,’ Haley added. ‘We’re confident that we won’t be paying out on very many money-back guarantees because our Chicken Fillet Biscuits aren’t just ‘Southern-style’ like the other guy’s, they are real Southern biscuits.’

The Chicken Fillet Biscuit features a 4 oz. seasoned and buttermilk-battered chicken breast fillet served on a fresh, Made From Scratch buttermilk biscuit. It is sold at participating restaurants for $2.99 alone or $4.59 for a small combo with crispy hash rounds and a beverage. Prices may vary.


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