It's a Miracle! Really.

It's a Miracle! Really.

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It's a Miracle! Really.


Have you heard of the miracle fruit that makes everything taste sweet? What’s it called? It’s called, well, Miracle Fruit. And what it does really is kind of miraculous.

The fruit has almost no flavor of its own, but its effect on other foods is remarkable. Suck on the miracle fruit berry for a while and everything afterwards tastes sweet. Even the most sour or bitterest of foods. Raw lemons taste like lemonade and radishes like candy.

Also known as miracle berry, magic berry, or flavor berry, the little-known fruit was discovered in West Africa nearly 300 years ago, but has really become fashionable in recent times, fueled by media reports and Internet salesmanship. As reported by Casilda Grigg on, the fruit is especially popular in Japan, where miracle fruit cafés have sprouted up offering sweet desserts with less than 100 calories (the fruit’s fat free with very few calories). Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel serves it as part of a special 23-course dinner, though the rest of the world’s restaurant industry has yet to pick up on this amazing berry.

Miracle fruit is also available in freeze-dried powder and tablet form, and online sellers have been known to promote Miracle Fruit Parties (‘Surprise your friends!’).

I wonder what it could do with Brussels Sprouts.

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