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Just Add Meat

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Just Add Meat


We were at a favorite breakfast place with friends – a local mom & pop that specializes in omelets. After reviewing the menu, one of our friends ordered the vegetarian omelet.

And then added meat.


Turns out that he was looking for something that had a good combination of healthy vegetables, while still giving him the protein and taste of meat. He wanted a lot of good stuff and figured it was easier to do it that way than try to name all the vegetables to add to a ham and cheese.

We do that a lot these days. We know we aren’t getting enough water, so switch to one of the new flavored waters. We order the low carb plate, but go ahead and eat the bread that comes to the table. We don’t eliminate dessert; we split it, with decaf coffee. We balance our questionable eating habits with healthy ones.

There is a certain irony, isn’t there, in trying to life live to its fullest . . . while ensuring that you sustain life through healthy habits.

So, go ahead and give me my good with my bad, and I’ll continue to try to balance my life. With bacon, please.


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