Kitten Lounge: Glam Lifestyle, Good Food

Kitten Lounge: Glam Lifestyle, Good Food

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Kitten Lounge: Glam Lifestyle, Good Food


The Kitten Lounge is a blog site that covers the “casual glam lifestyle,” which happens to include some pretty glam delicious recipes. Its editor-in-chief, Kimmie Smith (photo, right), lives in New York and enjoys jazz, champagne, sake, hanging out in the park and shopping.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post, along with a link to a recipe for Avocado Squash from the Lounge’s Food Editor, Paul Belobritsky.

What’s another name for pirate’s treasure? Well, in this case it’s the avocado squash. I discovered these little guys during my weekly trip to Wednesday’s farmers market on 47th and 2nd. Until, that magical day, I’d never heard of the avocado squash, but I was quickly convinced by the enticing sign above this freshly picked produce. The sign stated that it has the nutty flavor of an avocado, but is still by definition a squash.

My co-chef (this blog’s editor-in-chief) and I took the plunge into the wonderful world of the avocado squash and sautéed them with a little butter, olive oil and organic soy sauce that very same night. The dish was simple and in a word, delicious.

Now, that you are properly introduced to my new best friend, the avocado squash, I’m going to bring to you an original recipe utilizing the scrumptious qualities of this delectable little treat.

Click here for the recipe to Paul’s Honest Meal: Avocado Squash. (That’s Paul, pictured left.)


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