L.A. Area McDonald's Goes Feng Shui

L.A. Area McDonald's Goes Feng Shui

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L.A. Area McDonald's Goes Feng Shui


Attempting to cater to the tastes of its local Asian community, the McDonald’s in Hacienda Heights, California, has completed a Feng Shui makeover.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice that strategically arranges numbers and objects (such as furniture) to promote health, harmony and prosperity.

The basic principles of feng shui include placing representations of the five natural elements (earth, fire, water, wood and metal) around the room to increase the “chi” or energy. Instead of the usual red and yellow motif and plastic seating, this one-of-a-kind Mickey D’s has leather seats, earth tones, bamboo plants and trickling water features, all strategically located…feng shui-style.

The remodel effort is part of an overall corporate strategy by the makers of Big Macs to appeal to local tastes with unique decor and amenities.

The menu, however, remains unchanged. Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, french fries, and milk shakes are still the order of the day.

The suburban Los Angeles McDonald’s is located just down the street from a Buddhist temple, and has a large and growing Asian population. Apparently the local patrons find the feng shui atmosphere appealing. According to the franchise’s owners, business is up. And word is out that two more SoCal-area McDonald’s are slated for feng shui re-do’s as well.


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