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Lemonade Bliss


The county fair wouldn’t be the same without the refreshing bliss of icy cold lemonade. If you haven’t had your fill of this summertime classic, here are 5 lemonade recipes to get you through the heat.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Blueberry Lemonade with Mint>> With summer fading fast, this color and flavor combo is sure to dazzle. While blueberries are still plenty, pile them in with loads of fresh mint.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Fresh Honey Lemonade>> Created with the great outdoors in mind. All you need is steaming hot water, honey, lemonade and ice cubes. Sit back & enjoy.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Frozen Lemonade with Blackberry Puree>> A slushy blend of sweetened fresh lemon juice and ice, frozen lemonade has been a popular summer tradition in Rhode Island and Massachusetts since the early 1900s.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. The Perfect Ramoz Fizz>> This frothy drink has a taste reminiscent of lemon-lime sherbet. You will need freshly squeezed lemons to make it happen.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. Old-Fashioned Pink Lemonade>> Sweet, tart and refreshing, this lemonade gets its pink color from fresh strawberries.


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