LetsEat.at Puts Small Eateries on the Wide Wide Web

LetsEat.at Puts Small Eateries on the Wide Wide Web

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LetsEat.at Puts Small Eateries on the Wide Wide Web


By Cari Martens

As first reported by Don Reisinger at techcrunch.com, LetsEat.at is a free online website builder for restaurants, and it doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or code. After registering with the site, restaurant owners can build and maintain their restaurant’s website with the help of a simple admin console. Although this is possible with other free services like WordPress or Blogger, what makes Letseat.at special is how it helps the restaurant owner in very specific ways.

In addition to the ability to customize the page, restaurant owners can use LetsEat.at to create printable coupons, upload menus, link to positive reviews, and post daily specials that can be tied to an RSS feed. Operators can choose from a wide range of website themes that can help the site go “live” quickly.

LetsEat.at also has available a mobile edition that lets customers access a simplified version of a restaurant’s site on their cell phones.

Each restaurant website is stationed on Letseat.at’s servers and can be accessed by going to Letseat.at/(Restaurantname). And it’s all free. At least for now.

Letseat.at is currently in public beta and is now ready for restaurant owners to try out.

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