Lowering the Bar on Calories

Lowering the Bar on Calories

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Lowering the Bar on Calories


If the snacks get any smaller, there’s not going to be anything to snack on! Apparently consumers are tired of the 100 calorie snacks…maybe that’s too many calories? Now they’re demanding 90, 80 and lower? The 100 calorie packs can satisfy, although it takes me a minute to let it soak in that it’s gone. Can a snack with so few calories actually satisfy any sort of hunger?

According to information supplied by Quaker, small changes can make a difference. In fact, if you ate a 90-calorie Chewy Granola Bar instead of a 170-calorie candy bar every day, the 80 calorie daily difference would equal 8 pounds in a year.

The bars have whole grain rolled Quaker Oats with ingredients such as chocolate chunks, raisins and baked apples. They have 0 grams of trans fat and are cholesterol free.

“Consumers don’t want to compromise on taste or snack satisfaction for portion control. It’s not just about counting calories, it’s also about making the most of them,” said Ann Mukherjee, vice president of marketing for Quaker Snacks.

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