Train Your Tastebuds

Train Your Tastebuds

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Train Your Tastebuds


By Cari Martens

The next time you have a gathering, how ’bout really knocking the socks off your guests…with the Vosage Chocolate Sensory Collection.

It’s designed to develop your sense of smell, and train the taste buds to differentiate varieties of chocolate. Included are chocolate bars from 15 different countries, vials of 42 different aromas, plus a guidebook to walk you through the history of chocolate and the science of making it. It comes complete with numerous other tidbits and a flavor wheel to help determine the tastes; seriously, don’t forget the blindfold! In CultureWavesâ„¢ we call this Sensory Appeal, and the appeal of this product is astonishing, for chocolate lovers as well as just curious connoisseurs.

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